Grand Opening Show at Vicki’s Comedy Clubhouse well received…

Our recent show at Vicki’s Comedy Clubhouse in Langley was really well received by a group of friends and family. We wanted to “break in” our new show-hearsal space with a few of our friends and family, since parking here is a bit limited.

There are several new video excerpts on the “What We Do” page and more will be added soon. Thanks to our fans for your continued support. As we grow and gear up for our big Local Artist Series show on the mainstage at WICA in March, we will be having several more smaller-venue shows. Our new members have begun to work with us (Erin performed in this last show, and Michael, Kathryn, and Tony have just begun rehearsing with us on Mondays). This is an exciting time of growth and preparation for us!

Thank you, friends!


About comedyisland

Comedy Island is a live improvisational-comedy show featuring a panel of talented performers who wing it - unscripted and unrehearsed. Comedy Island is `comedy without a net,' as the group participates in audience-suggested skits, games, songs and other bits. The cast is Vicki Robin, Martha Murphy, Erick Westphal, Marta Mulholland, Jimmy Scullin, Victoria Castle & Keith Mack
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