Private parties? We DO THAT!

Last night CI had an invitation-only show to inaugurate Vicki’s Comedy Clubhouse. Please don’t feel left out if you didn’t hear about it – it was mostly our spouses, parents, kids, and people we found staggering out of Mo’s.

We “rehearsed” before the show, as we do on a regular basis. Some folks might think it is weird to rehearse something that is ultimately spontaneous and unforeseen, but there are improv “muscles” that benefit from toning. Well, sometimes anyway. We were all excited about the show. Until we started rehearsing. We were, how shall I best put this, gruesome. Not spontaneous, not relaxed, and certainly not funny. We all sat around, slightly dazed, wondering if there were any way to avoid putting on the show.

Family members started showing up. Convivial conversations sprung up around the room. A bit of wine or sparkling cider was shared. It was showtime. And one of those “keep-you-coming-back” experiences happened. Like the duffer golfer who sticks the green with his wedge from 120. Or the contact softball slapper who drives a liner over the fence. It was fun to ride that wave, and especially fun because no one tried very hard to keep it going. It just did.

We had a really fun show. We enjoyed each other. The audience had a great time. We fouled off a couple, but not many. Base hit after base hit reverberated off the walls of the intimate space among family and friends. You shoulda been there!

Anyway, enough bragging. As the Seahawks (and the Packers) know – it can turn in a minute.

Be part of the excitement. Consider Comedy Island for your next big party or event. Call or email. Phyllis will get back to you…


About comedyisland

Comedy Island is a live improvisational-comedy show featuring a panel of talented performers who wing it - unscripted and unrehearsed. Comedy Island is `comedy without a net,' as the group participates in audience-suggested skits, games, songs and other bits. The cast is Vicki Robin, Martha Murphy, Erick Westphal, Marta Mulholland, Jimmy Scullin, Victoria Castle & Keith Mack
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