Hey Friends! Comedy Island is growing, in a couple of different ways.

First, we have been really fortunate to be able to work with Roberta Maguire, Second CIty alumni and deeply experienced Improv educator and coach. We have had two workshops with Roberta and plan to work with her on a regular basis as a coach and mentor. In addition to being talented and experienced – Roberta is a great person and has become a friend and fan of Comedy Island.

Second, we all have a lot going on. Between family, other theater, travel, and real jobs, we find that any date for a performance usually finds one or two of us unavailable. So the solution is to add new members to the group and be ready to roll wiith 5-7 players on any date. You’ll see some fun additions to the lineup as fall becomes winter. It’s gonna be GREAT!


About comedyisland

Comedy Island is a live improvisational-comedy show featuring a panel of talented performers who wing it - unscripted and unrehearsed. Comedy Island is `comedy without a net,' as the group participates in audience-suggested skits, games, songs and other bits. The cast is Vicki Robin, Martha Murphy, Erick Westphal, Marta Mulholland, Jimmy Scullin, Victoria Castle & Keith Mack
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