March 8 – Comedy Island & Friends on the WICA mainstage


Please save the date. It’s going to be a really fun show. Comedy Island’s current roster includes Victoria Castle, Vicki Robin, Erick Westphal, Martha Murphy, Marta Mulholland, Jim Carroll, Erin Hildebrandt, Tony Caldwell, Michael Morgen, and Kathryn Brooks.
Joining us will be musical guests SlapHappy, and songs by cast members of the new Dana Linn musical Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
Jim Scullin will Emcee!
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Grand Opening Show at Vicki’s Comedy Clubhouse well received…

Our recent show at Vicki’s Comedy Clubhouse in Langley was really well received by a group of friends and family. We wanted to “break in” our new show-hearsal space with a few of our friends and family, since parking here is a bit limited.

There are several new video excerpts on the “What We Do” page and more will be added soon. Thanks to our fans for your continued support. As we grow and gear up for our big Local Artist Series show on the mainstage at WICA in March, we will be having several more smaller-venue shows. Our new members have begun to work with us (Erin performed in this last show, and Michael, Kathryn, and Tony have just begun rehearsing with us on Mondays). This is an exciting time of growth and preparation for us!

Thank you, friends!

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Private parties? We DO THAT!

Last night CI had an invitation-only show to inaugurate Vicki’s Comedy Clubhouse. Please don’t feel left out if you didn’t hear about it – it was mostly our spouses, parents, kids, and people we found staggering out of Mo’s.

We “rehearsed” before the show, as we do on a regular basis. Some folks might think it is weird to rehearse something that is ultimately spontaneous and unforeseen, but there are improv “muscles” that benefit from toning. Well, sometimes anyway. We were all excited about the show. Until we started rehearsing. We were, how shall I best put this, gruesome. Not spontaneous, not relaxed, and certainly not funny. We all sat around, slightly dazed, wondering if there were any way to avoid putting on the show.

Family members started showing up. Convivial conversations sprung up around the room. A bit of wine or sparkling cider was shared. It was showtime. And one of those “keep-you-coming-back” experiences happened. Like the duffer golfer who sticks the green with his wedge from 120. Or the contact softball slapper who drives a liner over the fence. It was fun to ride that wave, and especially fun because no one tried very hard to keep it going. It just did.

We had a really fun show. We enjoyed each other. The audience had a great time. We fouled off a couple, but not many. Base hit after base hit reverberated off the walls of the intimate space among family and friends. You shoulda been there!

Anyway, enough bragging. As the Seahawks (and the Packers) know – it can turn in a minute.

Be part of the excitement. Consider Comedy Island for your next big party or event. Call or email. Phyllis will get back to you…

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Remember “picture day” at school?

Well, we just had “picture day” at our last rehearsal. Actually, it was more like “picture 1/2 hour”. I have seen groups of middle-schoolers on field trips with longer attention spans.

But through perseverance, and random threats of violence and/or quitting the troupe, we all got on the same page for these brief snippets of 1/200th of a second or so you see captured here.

OH, and as it is the political season, we thought it appropriate if we graphically displayed the fact that we tend to lean a bit to the LEFT!

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Sketch Comedy update…

This week we are adding a special session to work on sketch comedy. We all love improv and will ALWAYS “live” there, whether short or long form. But our mission is to bring healing laughter to our community. As we have talked about the things that have made us laugh over the years, sketch comedy keeps popping up: Weekend Update and so many memorable skits on SNL. Remember Aykroyd’s commercials, Belushi’s Samurai, and Todd and Lisa? Or how about Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman and Tim Conway – some of the funniest stuff ever on TV.

So in the future you may meet some recurring characters and see some sketch humor featured in our shows. Several of us love to write, and we are surrounded by gifted and experienced comedy writers here on South Whidbey. Got an idea? Write it up and send it to us. If we use your skit we’ll give you credit, treat you to a show, and if you want to join us onstage, let’s talk about “guest stars!”

We’re excited. We hope you will be, too.

Dan Aykroyd explains the inspiration behind the Bass-o-Matic. There was a REAL one!


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Hey Friends! Comedy Island is growing, in a couple of different ways.

First, we have been really fortunate to be able to work with Roberta Maguire, Second CIty alumni and deeply experienced Improv educator and coach. We have had two workshops with Roberta and plan to work with her on a regular basis as a coach and mentor. In addition to being talented and experienced – Roberta is a great person and has become a friend and fan of Comedy Island.

Second, we all have a lot going on. Between family, other theater, travel, and real jobs, we find that any date for a performance usually finds one or two of us unavailable. So the solution is to add new members to the group and be ready to roll wiith 5-7 players on any date. You’ll see some fun additions to the lineup as fall becomes winter. It’s gonna be GREAT!

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